Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Smoking in New Printer's Row Rental Apartment

For non-smokers looking to live in Printer's Row a new rental building might be exactly what you're looking for. The recently finished 24-story highrise, AMLI Residential at 900 S. Clark, mandates that residents can't smoke inside or outside of the building. Although this might limit some people from living here, for others it's exactly what the doctor ordered:

"I don't smoke, so I love the smoke-free building," said Benz, a professional filmmaker and student at Columbia College.

"I've gotten used to going to places that don't smell like smoke. The loft I lived in before this really smelled bad, cigar and what have you," Benz said. "What I like most about AMLI 900 is that it smells fresh and clean. There are no weird odors."

For more information on the building check on the article at the Sun-Times website.

(Image: Brian Jackson / Sun-Times)


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with *some* rental buildings offering this "feature" as long as it's not a slippery slope for all buildings, especially those who are privately owned.

What I think is a better idea is just to install really good filtration systems so that smoke doesn't travel from one unit to another.

Sloopy said...

agreed, it's fine for rental buildings. I doubt it's even an option for privately owned buildings (but who knows).