Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Meal Fit for a King and the IOC

A couple days ago we had a post about the VIP treatment the IOC would get when they touch down in Chicago and today the Tribune has more details on that story. Some of the "best" chefs and restaurants around the city will be putting their best foot forward to dazzle the committee. The highlight of the culinary portion of the IOC visit has to be on Monday night:
The grand finale will be a gala dinner on Monday night in the new wing of the Art Institute, where the participating restaurant is a closely guarded secret (it's Spiaggia), there will be surprise guest performers (Jennifer Hudson) and security will be extra tight.
You would think the IOC will get a taste of our famous deep dish pizza at some point, but it's not bad if they have to settle for Table Fifty-Two, Naha and Aigre Doux.

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