Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lakefront Takeover? It's Not That Big of a Deal...

Today the main story on the Chicago Tribune's website stokes Olympic fears by pointing out that parts of the lakefront likely will be restricted during the games:
Plans for the proposed 2016 Olympic Village and lakefront sports venues would force cyclists, runners and walkers to divert from long stretches of the paths east of Lake Shore Drive during virtually all of July and August 2016.
This article obviously will stir the pot and upset many people that are already against the idea of having the games in Chicago. But come on...wasn't this assumed? You don't host a massive global event and expect the city to function as it would on any summer day.

We at Sloopin use the lakefront a ton and feel it's a huge asset to our neighborhood, but are fine with these restrictions. Are we upset that we won't be able to use our beloved lakefront for two months? Obviously. But we also realize that these small inconveniences would make the area nicer once we can use it again. The way we see it is that two months of restrictions is well worth it since we will be able to reap the benefits of these huge improvements for years to come.

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