Monday, December 9, 2019

Another Pizza Joint - Paisans Pizzeria & Bar - Coming to Printer's Row Area

A reader writes:
The mystery of just what is coming to the space just north of Burnham Pointe has been answered. I was never able to figure it out from the original construction permit for the exterior work, but a new building permit for the interior build-out just went up that reveals the space is going to be a Paisans Pizza, a suburb brand that's expanding into the city.

It’s kind of wild that 2 pizza restaurants are mid-construction within a stones’s throw from each other (Roots Pizza around the corner), both outside-chicago restaurants that are expanding into the city for the first time. Are there enough pizza eaters in printers row to sustain the business? Maybe.
It's a good question.  With the Old Post Office filling in and the accompanying residential developments around the river, it seems like these restaurants are betting that demand continues to pick up.  Will it be enough to sustain so much pizza pie is a fair question and something to keep our eye on.

Regarding the building, we believe it was a car wash but has sat vacant for awhile:

It's between Burnham Pointe and the build out going on for the Church of Scientology.

(Hat tip:  AD!)

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