Monday, December 2, 2019

More Positive Signs that 1000M is Actually Going to Happen

A reader writes:
There's a lot of action at the 1000M site right now. Or at least, a lot more action than we've seen there in the last four years.  
Looks like real construction equipment is now on site after their ceremonial groundbreaking last month. This building might actually happen.

As a reminder, this project at 1006 S. Michigan Avenue has been relatively slow to move.  That said, the developers did hold a ground breaking in October.  Many voices on the internet seemed to question whether or not this was actually going to happen, but judging from the pictures above this is the best sign it actually will.

We've been by the site a couple times recently and it does look like all signs are pointing in a positive direction.  They have the site cleared and fencing up all around the perimeter.

If this is true, it will be another big statement building on the Sloop and Chicago's skyline:

(Hat tip: AS!)

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