Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Sultry Steps Looks to Be Moving in at Roosevelt Collection

It looks like Roosevelt Collection is quickly refilling a space that White House Black Market just vacated:

If the picture above isn't clear enough it says "Sultry Steps Boutique".

We weren't familiar with the store so after some googling found their website here.  It appears this is their first brick and mortar location judging from their about us page:
Marquisha Washington is a Wife, Mother, and the founder and President of Sultry Steps, Inc.  Sultry Steps began as a passion project from home and evolved into a boutique located in the Chicagoland Suburb of South Holland since 2016.
At an early age, when many were struggling to fit-in the room, Marquisha was preparing to slay the room! Her sense of colors, combinations, self expression and fashion, fueled her consumption of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Ebony magazines.  More important, as a modern working woman, she “seamlessly” reconciles the necessity for runway level fashion with the 21st century woman’s need for comfort.  Thus, the “Sensual, Sexy and Functional” offerings of Sultry Steps e-commerce was launched in 2015.

Good to see a local business come in.  We wish them the best and looking forward to having them in the Sloop.

Update - here is an image of the store without paper up:

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