Monday, January 7, 2019

Set Yourself Up for Success in 2019

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It’s a lot easier to make a New Year’s resolution than it is to follow through on it. So how can you finally avoid the regret and achieve your positive pursuits? By setting specific goals and making it as easy as possible to reach them. Imagine yourself as a resident at 1001 South State, and envision how you can make 2019 your best year yet.

Are you ready to put down the smartphone and enjoy some face-to-face time? You can honor your resolution to spend more time with friends by planning a weekly pool tournament or shuffleboard competition with your roommate in the game room. Dazzle your guests with spectacular views by hosting a bi-annual family dinner in the roof top event room. Or make a goal to expand your social circle by meeting your neighbors when you attend one of 1001’s many resident events. You can also forge a new friendship as you break a sweat together in complimentary resident fitness classes. Which leads us to another popular resolution…

In addition to the resident fitness classes, access to 1001’s 24-hour fitness center and yoga studio means you can get your post-workout endorphins when it’s most convenient for you. Lift, sprint, or namaste your way to a more consistent workout routine without setting foot outside. Or if getting outside is exactly what you’re looking for, take a jog surrounded by nature in nearby Grant Park and along the Lakefront Trail. You can also combine your workout with your next Target run by using 1001’s resident bike share program.

Whether you’re exploring your entrepreneurial spirit, inventing the next paradigm-shifting technology, or writing a bestseller, surrounding yourself with the right environment is the first step for innovative thinking. Prototype your ideas in 1001’s Makerspace with the easy-to-use CNC milling machine and 3D laser printer. Use 1001’s business center and co-working office to finally schedule that brainstorming session or important meeting. Get inspiration from the surrounding Wabash Arts Corridor and enjoy original artwork found throughout the neighborhood, including in 1001’s dog run and on the south side of the building.

Self-care may be one of the hardest resolutions to keep. Commit to taking more time for relaxation by spending a part of each day walking through 1001’s birch grove or soaking up some sun in a cabana or poolside. Use the media room to make your way through that top 100 movies list you keep thinking about or even just to catch up on your favorite binge-worthy series. Slow down enough to really take in the sights of the city with a regular dip in the outdoor hot tub.

To make 1001 South State your new home in the new year, contact the leasing office at 883.442.4904 or

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