Friday, January 11, 2019

Alderman Dowell Stakes "No" Position for CTA Red Line Station at 15th and Clark

A couple weeks back we posted about Related Midwest's idea to add a Red Line CTA stop at the intersection of 15th and Clark.  While another potential access point to the neighborhood, this proposal was intended to help bolster their massive development "The 78".

There were certainly pros and cons to the proposal, but today Alderman Dowell released the following statement on her position (via Nextdoor):
“While I fully support ‘The 78’ development as unique and necessary opportunity for growth in the City of Chicago, I can not support Related Midwest’s proposal to add a new CTA Red Line Station on 15th St. and Clark St., right in the middle of an established, entirely residential area. This location would be too disruptive for my residents and completely out of character with the area.”
What's next is unclear.  We're in favor of adding more public transportation options to the neighborhood.  We pondered a stop further south closer to 18th.  That might not be feasible, but alternatives are needed.


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