Monday, May 8, 2017

Hax and Gordo's Getting Closer to Being Printer's Row Multi-Purpose Hangout

Work continues at the new Hax and Gordo's space on south Dearborn (formerly Hackney's).  We had numerous readers send us emails and pics of their new logos and some pics of the inside through the windows:

We recently walked by and took a glimpse.  We're pretty excited to see what the finished product looks like. 

As you know, the Flaco's Tacos concept and success - which is owned by the Hax and Gordo's crew - is partially responsible for this revamp of Hackney's into Hax.  Judging by the crowd at Flaco's this past Friday evening it's understandable to see why they may want to emulate it.

If all goes according to plans, Hax will be more of a multi-purpose catchall hangout spot for Printers Row and the Sloop (via New City):
It turns out that Hackney’s Printers Row was closing to make way for a new version of the old business, to be called Hax. Back in 2008, the owners Jim and Ed Hebson and their cousin Jim Masterson, had been inspired by some of the Mexican Americans on the Hackney’s staff and opened the fast-casual Flaco’s Tacos a couple doors down. It was a rapid success, encouraging them to open more locations on the North Side. It was also a harbinger of the future for the owners. Though Hackney’s remained modestly successful, “We’d watch the college kids stream by our door on the way to Flaco’s,” Jim Hebson recalls. Cheered by the relative profitability of the less-labor-intensive concept and challenges to the same at Hackney’s as it faced increasing neighborhood competition, they made the radical decision to reboot.  
Jim Hebson gave me a tour of the new venue, which is slated to open in mid-May. Like Flaco’s, customers will order at a counter, where they’ll find a streamlined menu featuring the legendary burgers on homemade buns (including their signature rye), along with turkey burgers, veggie burgers and other sandwiches, a slimmed-down onion loaf and homemade pies. They’ll also be able to partake of a curated selection of ten local beers on tap, as well as a signature frozen drink. But Hax is also planned to be more of a hangout than Flaco’s, filling in the coffeehouse vibe vacated when the long-running Gourmand closed across the street a few years back. Coffee and breakfast will be served, and seating includes couches and booths. “We want people to hang out all day here, working on their laptops,” Hebson says.  
Entirely new will be the adjacent space, recently annexed, that will house Gordo’s, which will offer homemade ice cream sandwiches with a variety of mix-ins.
If you have time, head on over to New City - the article is a great read.

In the meantime, get excited for Hax and Gordo's - it has the potential to be an amazing addition to the hood.

(Hat tip:  VC!)  

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