Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hax Opening This Week? Building Going in Parking Lot Next to it?

A lot of readers have sent us updates stating that the new Hax and Gordo's was getting closer to opening.

However, one reader gave us this juicy tip about Hax's opening date and a potential new development next door:
My husband and I were in Edgewater yesterday and we saw a place called Gordo’s. It had the same signage as the Gordo’s in the Sloop and it was right next to a Flaco’s. We stopped in and talked to the owner(?). He said they just opened that one about a week ago in Edgewater. They make the ice cream bars in the basement of the South Loop Gordo’s. He said they plan to open Hax before the Lit Fest and open Gordo’s there shortly thereafter. The interesting thing was he said that the owners of the parking lot just to the south of them, will soon be breaking ground and building a space with retail on the street level and their own personal residence above it. He said they (Hax) had just put in a window facing the parking lot when they found this out so now the window will of course be covered up.  
We didn’t have one, but the Gordo’s ice cream bars looked delicious!

While you may question the validity of the parking lot story, it appears it may be true as another reader sent us this image:

This should be interesting...anyone know anything else about this?

It sounds a lot like the private residence on top of Starbucks at Harrison and Dearborn (old link for those not familiar with it).

(Hat tip:  KG, GM, OI!)

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