Monday, June 13, 2016

Coming Soon Sign Shows Up for Gordo's Handmade Ice Cream Bars on Printer's Row

After Saturday's heat, it comes as a refreshing sign that the rumored ice cream shop on Printer's Row is apparently coming soon:

There is not much on the interwebs except some trademark info for the shop.  While that might not be super informative, it does provide some insight into the name (for those of you who are like us and aren't fluent in spanish):
The English translation of Gordo's in the mark is Fatso's.
So if we had to guess, this is either a coy poke at some of their potential customers or a hint that this is going to be the "real stuff" - not some yogurt spot.

Also interesting is the reference to "ice cream bars".  We're stretching here a little bit, but it seems to imply that this isn't just going to be a traditional ice cream shop.  It presumably will have "ice cream bars" and other more unusual treats.

Looking forward to this one!

(Hat tip: TR!)

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