Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Manny's Deli & Cafeteria Shows Off New Remodel

Beloved Jewish Deli, Manny's (1141 S. Jefferson), just unvieled their remodeled deli (via Chicago Tribune):
Any change a beloved Chicago restaurant that has operated successfully since 1942? That's the question Ken Raskin, the third generation co-owner of Manny's Deli & Cafeteria, asked his son, fourth generation co-owner Dan Raskin, when the latter wanted to add a deli counter to the South Loop institution. And for 10 years, Dan Raskin tried to find the right answer to that question.  
While it has always sold Jewish deli-style foods, Manny's has existed for most of its history without a counter selling sliced meat and breads, which is not how most Jewish delis operate around the country. "In other cities like New York and Los Angeles, the Jewish delis have a counter selling items," says Dan Raskin. "In the 40s we used to have a deli, but not at this location."  
After over eight months of construction, this week that all changes. Now you can buy Manny's corned beef and pastrami by the pound, along with fun cuts like pickled tongue. But the center of attention, at least for Raskin, is the fish section. "There's nowhere in Chicago that has a nice fish counter like this."
We're pretty lucky to have Manny's and Eleven City Dinner in the Sloop!

Looking forward to heading over to Manny's to check out their new digs.

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