Saturday, June 11, 2016

Friends of the Park: We Are Dropping Our Lawsuit, Wait We're Not...

A rendering of the proposed Lucas Museum
at the McCormick Place Lakeside Center (via DNAinfo)
Quite the furry of back and forth yesterday on the subject of the Lucas Museum (via DNAinfo):
Friends of the Parks will not drop its lawsuit blocking the Lucas Museum, its executive director says, denying earlier contrary reports.  
Friends of the Parks is using the lawsuit to block the museum from being built along Lake Shore Drive between Soldier Field and McCormick Place.  
Reports Friday morning said the group would drop that lawsuit and that the museum would be built at the site of McCormick Place's Lakeside Center.  But the group's executive director Juanita Irizarry denied that on Friday.  
“Contrary to recent reports, our board remains fully united on the preservation of our lakefront and ensuring that the public trust doctrine is not ignored. We do believe that the Lucas Museum has a place in Chicago for all to enjoy, but not at the expense of one our most precious public resources," according to a statement released attributed to Irizarry and the group's president Lauren Motlz.
While the initial report was surprising, it did seem odd.  If anything it may signal some mixed feelings within the Friends of the Parks group.

What will happen...who knows, but no doubt the saga will continue.

(Hat Tip:  sincerely TF, symbolically LH!)

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