Thursday, December 31, 2015

One Last Thanks for 2015 & Get Your Sloopin Hat Tip T-Shirt!

On the last day of the year, we're simply going to say thank you!  Our neighborhood is an evolving and amazing place and we're grateful for all the people who make it what it is.

And of course, we want to acknowledge that Sloopin doesn't exist with out all the contributions people make throughout the year (and years for that matter).  Thanks for all the clicks, pictures, tips, comments, etc.

It only seems appropriate that we will end the year listing off some of the recent "hat tips" and reminding everyone to get their Sloopin hat tip t-shirts and wear them with pride.  If you see your initials below and have submitted something that we used in a post click here for more info on the hat tip t-shirt program click here:

  • JH
  • PB
  • PS
  • MK
  • LI
  • ER
  • LK
  • JM
  • BH
  • PO
  • WL
  • AK
  • JB
  • VM
  • OI
  • DN
  • EH
  • TB
  • JG
  • PA
  • TB
  • HF
  • LB
  • TS
  • JW
  • TM
  • ME
  • CPM
  • BJ
  • SS
  • AB
  • LL

Thank you all and happy new year!

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