Friday, December 11, 2015

21 Story U-Stor-It Self Storage Coming to 615 S. Wabash (Wabash and Harrison)

Well this is a new and unusual type of development:
U-Stor-It Self Storage, will be opening its largest store yet, and the tallest self-storage facility in Chicago. The current project involves redeveloping a parking garage, neighboring the Travelodge Hotel, in the South Loop of Chicago, on Wabash Ave and E Harrison St. The 1000+ unit property, at 615 S. Wabash, will rise 21 stories, making it the tallest self-storage facility in Chicago, and one the tallest facilities in the country. 
With an expected opening date for Jan. 31, 2016, this location will also feature state of the art wine storage. Additionally, the self-storage outfit is in preliminary talks with a distinguished art muralist, for a future project on the building’s western fa├žade, as an addition to Columbia College’s Wabash Arts Corridor.

This is interesting on a couple fronts:

  • First - a 21 story storage building.  That's a lot of storage.
  • Second - they're proactively in talk to add to the Wabash Arts Corridor.  Good to hear that their is foresight to add to the neighborhood's cultural ambitions.  Nicely done.

(Hat tip:   BJ!)

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