Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Well What Do you Know - Rahm Likes Printer's Row Architecture

Dearborn Street in the Heart of Printer's Row
We always enjoy reading Blair Kamin's architecture writing in the Chicago Tribune and that sentiment was definitely true yesterday.  Kamin laid out a informative piece about Mayor Emanuel's push to incorporate design into future projects and whatnot.

While the piece was good and pretty informative, one sub-story stuck out.  When asked what his favorite architecture in the city was, Rahm listed some buildings in the Loop, but also added this note about our neighborhood (via Chicago Tribune):
Printing House District, or Printers' Row, by many Chicago architects. Built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and revitalized starting in the late 1970s, this high-rise district south of the Loop was once a center for the printing trades. It's now home to stylish loft apartments, hotels and shops. "I love how they've been integrated, revised, rethought," the mayor said of the buildings. "It's just redefined that whole area."

Nice plug Rahm - nice plug!  We tend to agree with this view...

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