Monday, August 31, 2015

AMLI Pays City to Install Divvy Station Outside their Buildings on Clark

As we know, more and more housing options seem to spring up daily in the Sloop.  Competition is fierce and the peeps at AMLI added a interesting (and smart) amenity to their properties (via Chicago Tribune):
A Chicago real estate developer paid the city $56,000 to install a Divvy bicycle-sharing station outside two of its apartment buildings in the South Loop, officials are expected to announce Friday.

The agreement with AMLI Residential marks the first private purchase of a Divvy station since the bike-sharing program was launched in mid-2013, officials said. City officials called the deal a "private donation."  
AMLI covered the cost of installing the 15-dock station at Clark and Ninth streets and provided 10 bikes, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.  
The station, which is already open, is part of the 476-station Divvy system and is operated for public use like all other stations, officials said. The only difference is that the station will have an AMLI logo added soon, officials said.

We're big fans of the Divvy program and if we were searching for a new place this would probably sway us.

What do you think?  Smart move to lure tenants?  Or unnecessary desperate move?

(Hat tip:  RW!)

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