Monday, August 24, 2015

Liquor License Application at 1329 S. Michigan:
For Succezz Shoe Store or New Massage/Spa Business?

We received a couple emails about an application for a liquor license at 1329 S. Michigan.

One reader writes:
Received this in the mail. The address is where the Succezz, the shoe store is. How does this make any sense? A shoe store that needs a "massage with liquor" license?

Yes, this is the address for Succezz the shoe store, but maybe this is for a new business on the second floor?  Judging by the applicant name in the image above, it seems like a generic business INC.

Could South Michigan be getting another spa type of business?  We've heard of spa concepts that included alcohol.  That would make more sense than Succezz.

Anyway, anyone have any scoop or insight into this liquor license?

(Hat tip:  MK & JG!)

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