Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Developer Gets Green Light for 42 Condos on South Wells

Yesterday there was an article on Curbed Chicago highlighting that a developer has received the green light to move forward with condos at 837 S. Wells.  While they said it was CMK, we're pretty sure it isn't (see old post from Jan 2015) and judging by the comment section on the Curbed post most also don't think CMK is developing this lot.  They own/are developing the lots across the street on Wells.

Regardless, it does look like the developer of this property (on the east side of Wells) did get their permits recently (via Chicago Cityscape):
New 4 story residential building of type iii-b construction. ground floor commercial space with 42 residential units and 42 parking spaces at the ground floor. building is fully sprinkled. 837 s. wells st

While some might complain about losing a parking lot (most likely people who have cars and use this lot) it is probably a good development as it will bring additional density to a rapidly changing street in the Sloop.

We haven't seen renderings, but will keep our eyes open.

(Hat tip:  PO!)

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