Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Build Out in Progress for Chop at Roosevelt Collection; Aiming for 6-8 Weeks to Opening

It's been a roller coaster of emotions recently for diners in the Sloop (confirmation of announcement of Belly-up, closing of Zapatista and the uncertainty around Ma & I).  Today, a potential positive development for one of the restaurants at Roosevelt Collection:
Just a note that I snapped the attached pic of a sign being installed at the Roosevelt collection this morning. It looks like Pork Chop is going upscale. One of the contractors said they planned to be open in 6-8 weeks.

Last we heard, Chop was shooting to open in October of 2014.  Besides this restaurant there are two other restaurants that have been announced for Roosevelt Collection - Mirai Sushi and Mago Grill.

Nice to seem some progress on the restaurant front at Roosevelt Collection.

(Hat tip:  EM!)

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