Friday, June 12, 2015

Good Humor Ice Cream Truck Finds a Good Spot in the Sloop

A reader writes:
Not sure if this is interesting enough to be post worthy, but this Good Humor ice cream truck has been ruling Jones park next to South Loop Elementary Scool for several weeks. I've seen them here in Summers past, but their presence was much more sporadic. They're here several times a week this year. And the response has been quite strong. There's usually a line of folks waiting. In addition to old Good Humor items, this truck has some more atypical fare, like frozen mango with chili popsicles (sweet and zesty at the same time). Lotsa feel good nostalgia for an oldie timey brand and a more neighborhoody Summer existence. Are there more of these in the South Loop this Summer?
We had someone mention this to us once, but they didn't have much background.  We're not aware of any other ice cream trucks in the neighborhood.  Does anyone else know of any?

Seems like a smart business decision to camp an ice cream truck close to a school.

(Hat tip:  AM!)

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