Saturday, June 13, 2015

Neighborhood Stalwart Zapatista Closes on Wabash

Our email has been inundated with notes as it looks like a neighborhood stalwart has closed up shop:
We don't have much detail, but apparently this was a pretty abrupt decision as we received pics of employees lined up outside not knowing that they closed:
Employees literally standing outside, obviously not made aware! No additional information available online or on social media. Seems so abrupt! Was just there enjoying a mojito on the patio last Friday. I know they were temporarily shuddered for health code violations last year, but business seemed to pick right back up.

Does anyone have any scoop?  They always seemed to be relatively busy, so this is slightly surprising (despite their run in with the Health Department last year).

While we've definitely had better Mexican food in the city and the neighborhood, we always enjoyed Zapatista.  Sad to see them go.

Hope something/someone seizes this opportunity and something good moves in.

(Hat tip: KT, MS, CD, MP, CB, DS, LP, JM, JY, HB, SF!) 

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