Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Sociale" & "Cafe Press" Apparently the Names of the Two New Spots Coming to Polk and Clark

As you probably recall, we did a post about two new restaurants coming to the recently completed AMLI Lofts at Polk and Clark.  A couple readers have sent us information and provided updates.  One writes:
You posted a while ago about 2 restaurants (Mediterranean tapas and a cafe) coming to the retail space inside the new AMLI Lofts at Clark/Polk. Late this week the spaces were covered in decals advertising the two spots with names and some details.
Looks like the Mediterranean place will be called “Sociale” and the cafe will be “Cafe Press” , which disappointingly reminds me of the website for ordering custom-printed crappy swag with the same name.

Both are listed as opening Summer 2015, but so far restaurants on Clark St have had a pretty bad track record for opening on time. First Draft opened a year and a half after their original intended open date, and the new Villains seems to be still stuck in limbo (liquor license problems I expect).
We know the AMLI lofts are signing leases (shout-out to CG!) and it looks like these residents will have some new places to get their grub on as well.

As a reminder, these spots will be run by the Good Eats Group, which also just opened up Burger Bar at Roosevelt and Michigan.

(Hat tip: AD, BS, TR!)

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