Friday, March 6, 2015

Lakeside Bank Opens at 1350 S. Michigan

They've been open for a little while now, but figured we would officially write that the (twice relocated) Lakeside Bank is open for business at their new building (1350 S. Michigan):

As a reminder, to make way for the construction of the McCormick/DePaul arena at Indiana and Cermak, the city bought land from Lakeside Bank.  As a result, the bank purchased this vacant lot at 14th and Michigan.

While a bank might not be the sexiest business to open in a relatively high-profile lot, the good news is that they clearly invested some serious coin to build a nice building.  It appears that everything is pretty upscale at this building.  The Lakeside Bank sign is relatively subtle even though it has LED lights that change colors at night.  Another relatively interesting design element is the spotlights protruding from the sidewalk on Michigan Avenue.  While some might argue that this is a little invasive, in our POV it's a nice/unique element that adds to the street-scape (and for that matter safety as more light tends to help with that type of thing).

From a pure cosmetic standpoint, our only qualm is the cheap looking screen that hangs over the entry way door.  It seems unnecessary and quite unsightly, but whatever...clearly they see it as being necessary.

Anyway, the bank is open and a nice building has replaced a vacant lot.  Welcome to Michigan Avenue Lakeside Bank!

The 2015 Business counter is updated also.

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