Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kids and Company to Replace JTA Schools at 1255 S. State

A reader writes:
Noticed there's a Kids and Company sign atop the building where JTA schools is located. kids and Co has a west loop location. And idea what's going on at the JTA location? Maybe a partnership?
Funny you ask - we actually just received a note from the company letting us know:
Chicago families will have access to unique, award-winning and proprietary child care programs and services when Kids & Company, a Canadian leader in the industry, launches its second U.S. center in May.

The South Loop Chicago location, 1255 S. State St. will be open to families in the community taking the former JTA School space. It will provide full-time, part-time and emergency backup care for children from the ages of six weeks to six years.

Kids & Company provides a unique model of child care that includes guaranteed placement, no late fees, secure web cams and proprietary educational programs such as Alpha-Mania (pre- literacy and reading), Mini Masters (artistic expression) and Munchkinetics (physical activity and movement) as well as science and exploration, music, Spanish, and sign language for infants.
For more info, here is their website.

The other Chicago location is in the West Loop and seems to have pretty good reviews.

Welcome to the Sloop and best of luck!

(Hat tip:  CD!)

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