Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Ascent Climbing Falls Down - Won't Open in Sloop; Opts for Avondale

Last year we got word that First Ascent Climbing was going to open up a massive climbing facility in the Sloop.  They were aiming for a Fall opening in 2013, but then got delayed and was planning on Spring of 2014.

Judging by the title of our post, you probably realize that this isn't happening in the Sloop.  A reader give us this update:
The climbing gym that was supposed to open this spring that was rumored to be in the South loop updated their site today. 
Unfortunately it isn't going to be in the sloop anymore sadly. New date is December 2014 up in Avondale.

As a result, we will be removing them from our future business tracker.

Would have been interesting...but now I doubt that I'm ever going to go...sigh.

(Hat tip:  CC!)

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