Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Reader Asks - Is the Sloop a Kid Friendly Neighborhood?

Cotton Tail Park in the South Loop's Dearborn Park II 
A reader writes:
Moving to Chicago in July to work at DePaul loop campus. Had a question about your neighborhood in terms of kids, as I have one, a 7 year old girl. Your neighborhood is not making any kid friendly lists, and while So. Loop Elem looks ok, is there much chance for neighborhood friends in S. Loop for youngsters? If so, any areas more so than others?
It seems like the Sloop is pretty family friendly and it seems like that's only increasing.  However, the northside neighborhoods might be more "family friendly".

However, we would venture to say the South Loop has more diversity than those neighborhoods in regards to families.  We recently were walking through Dearborn Park II and it was amazing the amount of diversity we saw.  Seems like a great place to raise a family if you ask us.

Sloopers chime in - what say you?

(Hat tip:  BS!)

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