Monday, March 11, 2013

What's the Deal with the Old Room 21 Space?

Inside Room 21 (2110 S. Wabash)
A reader ponders:
The topic hasn't come up since 2009 on, but any idea what's going on with the old Room 21? There are no leasing/realtor signs in the windows or anything. It's just sitting there. Who owns this?
It closed in 2009 and you're right, it's been awhile since we've talked about the topic.  Last we heard they were renting it out for private parties.  Not sure if that's still the case, but does anyone know what's up with the old Room 21 space?  It was a cool, well designed place (the food...not so much).

Seems like it will be a valuable piece of property once the Green line CTA stop at Cermak/State is built.

(Hat tip: JD!)


lesley said...

Yep - it's now a special event space, run by the same woman who owns/manages the Chicago Illuminating Company next door. The space has been renovated, still has many of the architectural elements for the restaurant but done in a neutral color palette: no more 'bordello chic'

Anonymous said...

Wish I would have made it over to Room 21 before it closed.

EJM said...

Although current references are far and few between, a few sources seem to indicate that the Room 21 and Cgo. Illuminating Co. are still owned by Jerry Kleiner (Room 21, Gioco, Carnivale, etc). Chicago Magazine included a list of Kleiner properties a little over a year ago, which still included these properties. Here's Metromix's overview:

H said...

Lesley is correct....the space is really beautiful inside. During the National Restaurant I went to an event inside.

I wish I would have know about it when planning my wedding. Unfortunately I think many people are unaware it's available to rent. But the good news is that it's well maintained and not another abandoned space in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Hoping Kleiner can hold on to this space for another couple of years when Motor Row and McCormack are farther along. The place has mucho potential.