Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ping Tom Fieldhouse "Appears" at 1700 S. Wentworth

A couple people sent us information on a new structure that "appeared" recently by Ping Tom Park:
Good morning there. I'm a daily visitor and wanted to let y'all know that the walls of the Ping Tom Fieldhouse "appeared" yesterday. I assume everything is prefabricated but it's amazing how quickly things can change. 
If you're curious about the project here is an old post we did.  For some more recent info here is a link to a Public Building Commission of Chicago website.  And here is the formal outlines and proposal for the structure.

(Hat tip: BMC, MGD!)


Anonymous said...

Nice! Thought maybe after the news came out that they were going to spend more money on playgrounds and less on fieldhouses, that this would be delayed. This will be a nice addition for the southern part of the South Loop.

Broomy said...

I've been meaning so send an update and pic but I was too lazy. Glad somebody else did it. The structure for the boathouse on the other side of the tracks is nearly complete as well, along with a few sections of wall for the new Mariano's.

Sloop swimmer said...

We are going to be using that facility all of the time... and because it's on the "other side of the tracks", I wouldn't include it in the south loop, but in the northern extent of Chinatown. Regardless, I foresee many swimming/Chinese food days in our future! HEN HAO!

Anonymous said...

"You wouldn't include it in the South Loop", what s dumb thing to say. The various Near South, Riverside, and other South Loop TIFFs are what are paying the bill for this thing (along with Jones College Prep, NTA, South Loop School, etc.). Lets hope it is kept cleaner than most of the other things near and in China Town.

Anonymous said...