Monday, March 11, 2013

Sloop Dental - "South Loop's Neighborhood Dentist"

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Sloop Dental (1440 S. Wabash)
It seems like yesterday, we were walking down Wabash scouting the neighborhood for new things (aka content) and out of the blue a sign literally a sign appeared for Sloop Dental.  That was back in the spring of 2012.  We recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ken Allen and his staff at Sloop Dental and had this Q&A them.

Why should someone come to Sloop Dental versus any other dentist?

We truly care about and feel grateful for each person that comes to our office. Going to the dentist is often a very uncomfortable situation and being told that work may need to be done can increase that feeling. We create an atmosphere of comfort with basic items such as blankets or headphones for the individual, but also implement the newest technologies that make the process easier for everyone.  We use our digital camera and x-rays with an HD monitor to show and explain any existing or potential problems. I can’t speak for other dental offices, but every day I hear from our patients that they have never been so well informed at the dentist.

Some people have anxiety about visiting dentists, how do you help patients overcome this issue?
We try to get to know each of our patients before ever laying them back in the chair. Everyone has different concerns about the dentist and by discussing them first we are able to avoid what we can and move cautiously in areas that we cannot avoid.

Most importantly we let everyone know that they are the one who are one who is in control of the situation and if they need us to stop or don’t feel comfortable we will stop immediately.  In addition to these tactics we also utilize laughing gas and anti-anxiety medications as necessary.

Do you utilize new dental technologies at your practice
As a new office, we are lucky to have all new equipment and are an entirely digital office. Starting with the patient information that is filled out online prior to coming into the office or on our dedicated patient computer, as well as digital x-rays, digital intra-oral cameras.
Patient watches The Simpsons during checkup

We have ceiling mounted HD monitors with the capability of showing all of our images to the person in the chair as well as the ability to adjust the monitor to be viewed while laying down so they may watch a TV show or movie.

We also carry the latest and most advanced dental supplies such as our reinforced composites (tooth colored filling material), all porcelain veneers and crowns, and Invisalign (invisible braces).

Do you see children as well as adults
Our slogan is the “South Loop’s Neighborhood Dentist” and that includes everyone from toddlers to the elderly with an honest health first approach. We love to create beautiful cosmetic cases, but we do not limit our care to only those individuals. 

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept all PPO insurances. If you have question, please contact us or call us (312.340.5761).

What services do you provide?
We are a full service dental office that provides many types of services including root canals, implants, and wisdom teeth extractions. I am a member of the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) so we of course offer cosmetic procedures, as well. Many people think that there is a difference between an general dentist and a cosmetic dentist when in fact the only difference is in the quality of work. All dentistry when performed correctly should be considered cosmetic since it is returning the person to a proper function and appearance.

Dr. Ken & the Sloop Dental Staff
What is your favorite part of being a dentist
Each day I get to meet new people and have an opportunity to help them with their needs or desires. Despite being a person most people dread to go see, most people are very honest and open when they come in and you get to meet some really cool people.

Nice name -- how did you come up with it
Sloop! When I returned to Chicago after serving as a dentist in the Army for 4 years, a couple friends and I were having a few drinks at some of the establishments around the South Loop and one of my friends kept saying “Sloop, Sloop” throughout the night and it got stuck in my head. As I began to arrange to open my practice it was the only name that seemed right and so became, Sloop Dental. I was later informed by him at a later time that he did not make it up himself and got it from the Sloopin website. (Hat tip: Sloopin)

What's your favorite part of the South Loop
Personally, my favorite part of the South Loop is the close proximity to the lakefront area. When I see the visitors that come from around the world to enjoy the views I get to see every day it is a nice reminder of how much I enjoy it here and being a huge Bears fan I love the fact I can walk to Soldier Field!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I have been looking for a dentist in the southloop/southside. I may check them out!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Allen is great.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Allen and his staff are all fantastic and the technology they have to show you what is going on makes for a top notch experience.