Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shots Around the Sloop: Congress Lights Up

(Hat tip:  JS!)


Brianbobcat said...

This project has been the biggest boondoggle. The Congress Bridge was late because of manufacturing issues, the Eisenhower repaving was delayed because of the union strike that summer, and this Congress Parkway work is WAY behind schedule. They rushed to get the lanes opened for NATO, and in those press releases they mentioned how this project would be done by the end of June. Most of the large stone raised planters didn't go in until late fall, like November, the metal patterned artworks are just now going in, and the LED columns were supposed to be light up by Thanksgiving, and they're just now coming on. This project better just be late and not over budget.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think they'd glow white? The blue looks like 1986 or large lightsabers. Still kinda cool...until they all get tagged.

Anonymous said...

Giant light up stripper poles! I love it. We need more of these around.