Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Could Printers Row Lose its Book Stores and Identity?

image from urbanturf
A reader writes:
Noted for the past couple of weeks that Printer's Row Rare and Fine Books on S. Dearborn has had it's sun shades down. Thought this was odd. And also notices the lights weren't on either. Heard he was bought out. 
How long until Sandmeyer's across the street goes as well? Getting to the point where it's called Printer's Row and there's not a bookstore to be found. Wonder if they'll move Lit Fest to Grant Park? (Note also that the beauty spa in the same building closed some time ago, and its getting creepy looking at he dead plants and old magazines in the window. Sort of like that cable show "Life After People".

If all of the book stores leave Printers Row will this stretch lose it's identity?  Printers Row is mostly in reference to the large printing and publishing buildings that were prevalent in yesteryear, so that identity won't go anywhere.  But it's always been nice to have the book stores in the neighborhood.  It made the moniker real and more tangible for people walking along Dearborn.

What do you think?  Will this alter Printer's Row or is it just a sign of the times (thank iPad!).


Tim N. said...

I thought rare & fine books was owned by a Pritzker. Surely they have the money to stay open as long as they choose to, no?

hanszo said...

No it wasn't owned by a Pritzker. But I can tell you they have closed for good. From the Owner's Facebook page:
"Yep, we closed the shop after the June Printers Row Book Fair ... in this economy only liquor stores, Chik-Fil-A, and womens' lingerie are profitable!"

Tim N. said...

The above article from December of 2011 is wrong then. The closing of this store is very unfortunate.