Sunday, August 21, 2011

Residents Notified About New Hotel in Motor Row

A reader writes:

Hi Sloopin-

I received a letter in the mail today informing me (and presumably other residents) that McPier would begin construction soon on a second McCormick Place hotel to be located at 2233 S. MLK Drive. The 12 story, 461 room hotel tower is supposed to be constructed on top of the current Hyatt garage, with an estimated completion date of summer 2013.


This is consistent with what we posted about a couple of weeks ago. More people in this area can only help the retail scene...we would think.

(Hat tip: EM!)


Anonymous said...

I hate to spread the bad news but another robbery happened yestarday in the South Loop @ 14th and Indiana. Please be aware. From South Loop Neighborhood Association sent this morning-

On Beat 133 yesterday (August 20), an armed robbery was reported at
1500 S. Indiana at 9:25 am.

A M/B/27 yoa, 6-00, 250 pounds, natural hair style, dark complexion
was pretending to wait at the bus stop located at 1500 S. Indiana. A
young woman walked past and the offender walked behind her and grabbed
her purse. When she resisted, he pulled out a handgun. She reports
that he got into a vehicle, possibly a light blue Buick, that drove
north on Indiana and west on 14th Street. The victim was unharmed.

If you have any information, please call "911" or let us know in the
CAPS office. 312-745-4381.

Again, we encourage you to be aware of your surroundings at all
times. Walking while talking on the phone and/or using ear buds
diminishes that awareness. Also, be sure to walk in open, well-
lighted areas. If you feel uncomfortable walking past someone, cross
to the other side of the street. Please watch out for each other and
report any suspicious activity via "911."

Sgt. Kathy Cunningham
001 District Community Policing Sergeant

BRENDAN said...

Sgt. Kathy

Thank you for the update. What measures have been taken by CPD/District 1 to curb this recent crime rash on Indiana and in the south loop in general?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should just wait for the Alderman's Tweet so we can find out what is actually being done.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you get labled as racist when you try to cross the street to avoid young black males who are loitering all over our neighborhood with only one thing in mind.

Anonymous said...

Why would you cross the street? I am by no means a tough guy, but I beg you to start looking at these guys and get familiar with their faces as I have gotten at least 3 people taken out of the area by calling our local police dept knowing that they have NO BUSINESS being in our area. Let the police decide what they are doing in the area. Please PUT THE CAPS NUMBER IN YOUR PHONE: 312-745-4381. This area is by far the safest in the city and to get idiots in the area once in awhile is part of it, but it is up to us to get them out.

Anonymous said...

Crime in this area is becoming way too prevalent. All the muggings along Indiana started right when Daley, and his security, checked out of the south loop for good. Clearly, it's not enough that our taxes pay for these animals to eat (Link) and live (section 8), now they want our phones and ipads as well. Thanks neighbors!!!