Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Should You Eat? Check Out Food Genius

Living in the South Loop affords us access to an amazing amount of restaurants in and around our neighborhood. Sometimes the amount can be overwhelming. Look past the hundreds of restaurants and think how many dishes are at our fingertips. Luckily for us, a new Chicago tech startup, led by a South Loop resident and active Sloopin reader, has developed a new app to help us navigate this world:

“Anyone can tell you the names of five great restaurants, but only Food Genius can give you a list of the five best dishes at those restaurants – and thousands of others,” said founder and CEO Justin Massa. “Like a ‘Netflix for Foodies’, Food Genius delivers personalized recommendations about dishes you’ll love, and combines it with tools to share those dishes with friends.”

Food Genius's app helps users find and share delicious restaurant dishes. Unlike restaurant apps and sites that tell you where to eat, Food Genius’ tells you what to eat. From a database of more than 4,000 restaurants and 150,000 dishes in Chicago, Food Genius recommends dishes based on what you love to eat.

We've had some discussions with Justin recently and through Food Genius was able to pull some interesting statistics about the South Loop (zip code 60605):

20 most popular ingredients (in order): garlic, egg, butter, onion, sugar, mayonnaise, lemon, olive oil, cheese, green onion, chicken, tomato, vegetable oil, mushroom, red onion, spinach, broccoli, pineapple, cheddar cheese, beef

total count of dishes: 3,817

average price: $6.35

number of dishes with bacon: 172

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, bacon!

Anyway, try out the app (which on Android right now) or check out there web version at

Happy eating!

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