Monday, August 1, 2011

Sounds Like New Superman Movie Will Shoot in the Sloop

We've read that the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, will be shooting in the South Loop according AV Club:

Since Christopher Nolan adopted the City Of Wind as Gotham City in his first two Batman flicks, Chicago has caught the fancy of studios all over Hollywood. This past July saw our city decimated by gnarly Transformers. Starting mid-August, Chicago has a new defender: Superman.

Zack Snyder, 300 helmsman, will be filming DC Comics’ first Boy Scout at undisclosed locations around the South Loop for his new movie, Man Of Steel. Shots in western suburb Plano are also on the slate.

The article says that most of the shooting will be in Vancouver, but it will be cool to see some Shots Around the Sloop on the big screen again...although it won't be until 2013.


Anonymous said...

Great for the neighborhood of course. But is anybody else getting REALLY tired of superhero movies?

Anonymous said...

Can superman get all of the damn homeless and vagrants away from the starbucks area. Since that dry cleaners closed it looks like a summer camp for drug addicts.

On a postive note glad to see on the other post that jazz in the in neighborhood since the only other place that offers it is Donna's and there is no chance I am going back there.

Anonymous said...

Police Order signs are up along S Financial Place stating that it is a no parking/tow zone tomorrow night bc it's a "movie location"