Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Living the Highlife as a Basketball Role Player in the Sloop

We know athletes get paid well, but damn I wish I was taller and I wish I was a baller.

NBA Journeyman, Charles Oakley, who played for the Chicago Bulls and four other teams during his 19 year career, is apparently selling his 3 bedroom condo in the Sloop according to the Tribune. Looks like he had some amazing views from his living room.

It looks like he lives in Museum Park One, the South Loop's most prominent building with what has to be some of the best views in the city. Or is this an older building that now has its North view (which is Grant Park) blocked by Museum Park One? We're not sure, but regardless wouldn't mind chilling in this living room.

(Image from Chicago Tribune)


Anonymous said...

I believe it to be one building south of Museum Place. Check out the link for the actual listing:

MarkChicago said...

Also says he purchased in 2005, don't think you could throw down that early for One Museum Park.

Anonymous said...

First, it's "role" player. Second, to last 19 years in the NBA, lead the league in rebounding more than once, make an all star team, you're more than a "role" player. Role players are guys like Dickie Simpkins, Omer Asik, and Brian Scalabrine.

19 years? please.

David said...

These days, he just poses as MJ's bodyguard.

BRENDAN said...

ANON 9:31

You lost all credibilty by pooling Omer with guys like dickie and Scalabrine.

Also, Charles Oakley a.k.a Oak Tree
was a borderline dirty ass player...I would buy the joint just to store my crap in it.

Anonymous said...


2.9 PPG and 3.7 RPG while being the tallest guy on the court...ROLE PLAYER.

Yes he's got time to grow/mature. But the odds are on my side: he's white.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not OMP (it's 233 E 13th, aka Museum Pointe), and this building isn't all that great either. Not a lot of skyline visible from this unit at this location. I've looked at condos in this building, was not impressed.

At 1 million you can get a 3 bed in OMP...

BRENDAN said...

ANON 12:30

Didnt I tell you you credibility was destroyed?

Scalabrine barely dressed for games last year....I wouldnt compare him to an up and coming defensive talent at center. PPG rarely is an indicator of a Centers SHOULD know this. His rebound numbers are scewed because of playing time in the first half. Noboday ever cheered when dickie came off the bench and scalabrine literally doesnt play so ...... yeah. Pretty sure I win here.

Anonymous said...

Cheering when this clown comes of the bench is simply due to the fact that the Bulls have terrible options at center.

You'll win this one in the year 2030, when Omer is just finishing up year 20 in the league.

Are you 24 years old by chance?

You and Hawk Harrelson could have great conversations about sports. He building a an all star team made entirely of White Sox, you doing the same with the Bulls.


Anonymous said...


Omer's averaged 11:35 minutes per game pre all star break and 13:05 post. So he got an extra 90 seconds to dominate in the latter half of the year, you're right.

BRENDAN said...

People with knowledge of the NBA feel that Omer Asik came off the bench and ignited this team defensivly and would have aided this team to a championship had he not broken his ankle late. There are people who look at and immediately look up "ppg" ( thats you--dumbass) and then there are people that know and can break down the NBA in a more complex manner i.e. defensive schemes, player disruption. My feeling after hearing your arguments is that the latter is not for you....rather, its a little too "lofty" for you.

From your comments I have decided that you're probably a columbia college student, originally from a rich suburb outside of Detroit, and playing in the condo mommy and daddy bought you. You're obviously a pistons fan because I have had the "pleasure" of dealing with you people're straight up haters and you basically fail at everything.

My advise to you is to move back home, stop hating on the Bulls with your jealous tirades and learn to show some respect for your elders.....after all, we will all be your boss someday, punk. run along, go play on the Dan Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along...

Anonymous said...


I see we are done discussing the topic at hand. When you have to defend a guy by saying his benefit is in "player disruption" and "defensive schemes" (no further detail provided), I've got news for you, you're talking about a role player.

I am from Chicago, am supremely educated and have more equity in the condos in my name than you'd know how to spend in 100 years of Saturday nights in Boystown.

If Omer makes it to 2030, or even makes one all star team, you win. Otherwise, get back to work - I'm sure you owe it to your foreman at this point. But hey - your union contract stipulates you're done at 5! That's less than an hour away!


BRENDAN said...

Jeff no one believes your internet lies.

Go back to detroit. lol!

MarkChicago said...

"supremely educated"

Professor Papa John taught you well.

Anonymous said...

sloop (n):

Written waste - bigoted, inane, offensive, or otherwise - that inevitably exits the minds of Sloopin commenters.

As in, this discussion has turned to sloop.

BRENDAN said...

"sit back, relax, and strap it down......jeff's internet lies comin' yo way!"

joe said...


So you're saying Omer Asik comes off the bench for defensive energy? That is his role and makes him by definition a role player. When Ben Gordon comes off the bench he's a role player in that he has one skill and does it well.

Don't get high and mighty when you don't know what you're talking about.

Oak must be losing a lot of money in the casinos with Jordan. 19 years in the NBA should be able to buy a lot more than that.

Jeff said...


That was a different Jeff.



Anonymous said...

Are you serious? In the last week alone a woman was held up by gunpoint @ 14th and Indiana, and a man was badly beaten by a mob of 10-20 at Clark and Cermak, and we are on here talking about Oak Tree's condo sale?

BRENDAN said...


no one is getting high and mighty, relax.

I didnt say asik is the next coming of tim duncan, but to compare him to a guy like scalabrine who doesnt even dress for wrong. if you feel otherwise then im sorry you are ridiculous too.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

is this 1235 s. prairie?