Monday, June 20, 2011

Urban Pantry Coming to 730 S. Clark

A reader writes:

Hi there,

I just noticed a construction permit at burnham pointe, north of the dry cleaners. It's a convenience store named "European pantry" if I recall correctly, or something of that sort. Does anybody know more?
We went by and snapped a couple quick pictures this weekend and didn't see anything about a European pantry but noticed that the public notice said "Urban Pantry":

Does anyone know anything about this place?

(Hat tip: JE!)


Jim in the Sloop said...

I wonder if this is related:

Note the line:

I have landed in the land of Lincoln for the time being and enjoying all that Chicago has to offer.

In any case, something else opening on this desolate stretch would be welcome, just hope they have their business plan in place.

Anonymous said...

I live in that building (Burnham Pointe) and would love to have a small grocery store I could pop into for milk and other essentials (currently it's either 7-11 or walking all the way to the Jewel-Osco if I need something quick).

The building has a bunch of vacant retail spaces and I'm glad to see one being moved into. Good for printer's row, south loop, the economy, and (most importantly) me!

Anonymous said...

It's a package goods store.

Anonymous said...

This looks like it could be a Restaurant vs Grocery Store.. if the is a match. Nice detective work Jim.

Cherise said...

LOL @ "" on the post above.

Anonymous said...

I think this may be related:

"Urban Pantry is going to be an upscale grocery store in South Loop area of Chicago."

Anonymous said...

I guess another choice for me instead of East Coast Pantry for whenever I want to get some beer and am too lazy to walk to Printer's Row Wine Shop.

Urban Pantry Chicago said...

We are very excited too see such a great enthusiasm! We are formally starting advertising in a week of July 4th. While compiling list of most active websites in South Loop, we came across this posting and literally got stunned. Just to give you an idea, here is a scrap from About Us Page -

Here at Urban Pantry, we offer a unique grocery shopping experience which sets us apart from other corner grocery stores. We have revamped the corner grocery store business model to create a modern and premier pantry that will suit your urban lifestyle. Here you will find fresh breads and pastries baked in local bakeries, vegetables and fruits grown in local farms along with other grocery essentials. You can start your morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a cappuccino from South Loop’s first Caribou Coffee. You can even end it with a glass of wine selected from our wine cellar. In addition to our long open hours, we also provide the option of online ordering with home delivery and curbside pick-up. The advantage of being a local grocer means you will receive your essentials on the same day and at a time when you are home, not when we have an open slot! In addition to this online portal, we have launched a unique GBT (Grocery by Text) feature where you can order your groceries by text. With such unique services, we hope that you will find us as a superior alternative to other markets in the SoLo. We look forward to becoming an integral part of your daily life!


We are extremely happy to be a part of South Loop. Our website and Facebook page(UrbanPantryChicago) are in progress and will be up and running in next 1-2 weeks. Please go ahead and “Like Us” to get an early scoop!

Thank you once again for all the postings! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Urban Pantry Team

Joanna said...

I walked by today, and they had the door open ... they were laying tiles ..

aplove said...

Almost done with tiles. Next week they are putting counters and ceiling. M really excited.

Jim in the Sloop said...

Much more progress. The paper was off the windows last night, and people were inside madly cleaning. The part that worries me is that all I see is a bunch of coolers and shelves. No sign of a deli counter, etc. I was hoping this would be more sandwiches, prepared meals, deli-style offerings, etc. Time will tell. The space is also REALLY small.