Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Good Review for Chutney Joe's

We've covered Chutney Joe's before, the Indian Diner at 511 S. State street, but yesterday read another review this time from the Chicago Reader:

Chutney Joe's has a good backstory--according to its Web site, co-owner Vijay Puniani was thrown in a New Delhi hoosegow in the 70s for refusing to bribe inspectors to keep his restaurant open, prompting his emigration to the States, and eventually the opening of this new fast-food "Indian diner" in the South Loop. But if the concept sounds prosaic--and the posted definitions of ayurvedic dieting and instructions for eating naan seem unnecessarily hand-holding--Puniani and son should be given credit for not dumbing down the food for potentially timid Loop lunchgoers.

First off, we didn't know what a hoosegow was and now we do (a jail). Second, glad it means he ended up opening a spot in the Sloop!


Anonymous said...

It's gotten better.

Rich Hughes said...

Touching story, shockingly bad indian food.