Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Expansion at Existing South Loop Restaurants

Yes, it's fun to get excited about new places opening up in the Sloop (see post yesterday), but let's not forget about some of the other restaurants in the area. Two relatively recent, but at this point well established, South Loop businesses have recently expanded the amount of people who can eat at their restaurants:

Flo & Santos (1310 S. Wabash)
The popular Polish/Italian restaurant Flo & Santos has just added outdoor seating:
This is great news because this place always seems to be busy. This should accommodate the large crowds and also offers to the street scene on South Wabash.

Lou Malnati's South Loop (805 S. Wabash)
We've know for sometime that Lou's was expanding into the vacant retail space just south of their current space on South State street, but it appears that this area is finally complete. Again, this is good news because this location is always packed as well.

Do we really love pizza that much in the Sloop? Guess so...

Other Restaurant Tidbits:
On a different note, we posted yesterday about Tribute potentially opening up this weekend. Well we heard from the PR people for Tribute and that doesn't appear to be the case. They are close, but no official opening date has been announced yet. Stay tuned though, they will give us the update once they have something official.

It also looks and sounds like the Scout is progressing. But again, no official update there either.

Finally, we read that Waffles also has a slight delay. They're now shooting for July 13th.

These places are still opening as far as we know, just the typical hurdles to overcome when launching a restaurant in Chicago.

(Hat tip: Blast!)


Anonymous said...

if only the Wabash sidewalk was wider to accomodate more seating...

Anonymous said...

THE SCOUT...I can't wait to start break dancing when the bodacious Bears score touchdowns, and bring my homies from the south and west to this new place..gonna be a hip joint yo....Peace out...I am taking my talents to the South LOOP

Anonymous said...

Any news on Lexington Park?

Any news on the Paula Deen place?

Any news on SCOUT?

Any news on the 18th street-to-Lake Shore Drive auto access road?

Any news on Ditka supposedly buying up land at Prairie and 21st, by that warehouse?

Anonymous said...

What about the empty lot right next to the building? They should just throw some concrete on it and rent it out for the summer from whoever owns it. It would be a hassle for the servers, but I assume you would get a good turnout that would more than cover the cheap/temporary foundation and rent.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of expansion - Just came back from Reggies new Rooftop - Full Bar, 6 flat screens, Basketball hoop, bag toss, pool table, 10-12 umbrella tables, Music and half off Apps (Wed).

Jason said...

Anonymous posters always contribute the most to Sloopin. YUCK X3 (the first comment was topical, at least)

anonymously anonymous said...

Guess what Jason... you are anonymous too! just because you have named yourself "jason" on the internet, doesn't mean anyone knows, or cares, who the eff you are. Personally, I have no problem with anonymous commenting on Sloopin' or anywhere else, for that matter.

Jason said...

I wouldn't sign my name to some of these hack comments either, I guess.


Jason Rosko
1844 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL

(I don't have a facebook page. Sorry.)

BRENDAN said...

jason youre not very bright

Anonymous said...

He has to be brave. Look at how south he lives :)

Jason said...

Brendan, I never said I was. I forgot to mention my email:

Don't consider myself that brave, either. Not sure what that's about.