Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Man Above Sends the South Loop "Pita Heaven"

Your prayers have been answered Sloopers!

It appears that the man above is listening and has decided to bestow us with Pita Heaven. Readers might remember that there was a sign claiming that Pita Corner would be opening in August of 2010 at 1250 S. Michigan. Well that didn't happen supposedly due to an investor dropping out of the project. Last we heard the others involved with the project were seeking other investors.

Call it divine intervention or whatever you want, but we recently noticed that new signs have appeared:All I can say is that I've been praying for falafel and it appears that someone is listening.

Enough of the religious jokes, but we couldn't help it...all we can say is Pita Heaven.

(Hat tip: ND!)


Anonymous said...

Oh my way home from work last night, there were several people working in there with all the lights on, etc. Maybe it's going to truly open. I am not a big "pita fan" but would be nice to have another place open and another option.

Unknown said...

Is there a menu anywhere yet?