Friday, March 11, 2011

South Loop Immediate Care Opens at 1430 S. Michigan

As we all know there is a lot of vacant retail space on Michigan Avenue. Although a sexy restaurant or boutique would have been preferred, it's still good to see something moving in. Well recently we noticed signs that South Loop Immediate Care has a new home at 1430 S. Michigan.

Their website obviously is different than the name in the window, but the address is the same. We're not 100% sure but this might be a new location for the South Loop Urgent Cart that use to be on 16th street.

Anyway, good to see the real estate development ads come down and an actual business with actual people move in.


Allen said...

Business is the real key to this area. We need tech companies, medical offices (all types) & of course more residents to support the need for more restaurants, boutiques, etc. Dr. Kahn, Dr. Levites -- Welcome to the area !

Anonymous said...

:-( Why aren't urgent care facilities open on weekends? Everytime I've needed one it was on a Saturday or Sunday.

Patrick said...

That's correct. A note on their former office on 16th sends you to this new address.

Anonymous said...

This is the office that was located on 16th street, just east of Wabash. Thus, in true south loop fashion, every time something new opens, something else in the neighborhood is shuttered. While this takes away the eye sore on michigan, it also adds to the glut of commercial vacancies on 16th street between Indiana and Wabash (which is quietly becoming the most vacant stretch of retail outlets anywhere in the sloop!).