Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sloopin Retail Roundup

We've recently received a lot of emails and talked to a bunch of people about new restaurants/businesses that appear to be opening in the Sloop. Although some of the places are still in question, we figured it was time to throw them on a post and hope someone in the know can give us more perspective as to what they might be:

1700 Block of South Michigan Ave.
In between the South Loop Market and the laundry place on the west side of the street, it appears one of the vacant retail spaces is being built out. It's been hard to peek in, but we saw some nice tiling going down. Anyone have the update on this space?

1200 Block of South State Street
We recently posted and were excited to see a sign go up for Donna's Cafe within one of the retail spaces on the East side of the street (next to Vision Salon). Well over the weekend, the retail space just South of Donna's also appears to be having some work done. We spoke to a person inside and it appears there is a "massage therapy" place going in. Does anyone have more info?

1511 South State
A reader writes:
Any word on what's happening at the old Carolina Caramel local at 1511 state
street? I walked past and the windows are all covered with paper, which leads me to believe that remodeling is taking place. Thanks.

828 South Wabash
A reader writes:
Hi! As I was walking past the former site of Powell's Books today on Wabash, I
noticed two guys inside painting the walls in a variety of brightly colored
stripes. I wonder if this means someone has rented the space?

Sarpino's - 1923 S. Archer
We recently heard a Sarpino's is opening up in this complex. Although I've actually never been there, it doesn't sound half bad. Is this a good or bad thing for the Sloop?

That's a lot of build outs and renovations going on, but not a lot of concrete information about what these places will be. Please feel free to chime in if you know anything.


Jsloop said...

South Loop Market is expanding to include the retail space next to it on 1700 Michigan.

Anonymous said...

The space in the 1700 S. Michigan block is an expansion of the South Loop Market.

Andy said...

Don't forget the new frozen yogurt place sharing the pockets location on Plymouth and Harrison! Or the "Wok Out" Asian place filling in where U Food Grille was.

Anonymous said...

re: 1700 Block of South Michigan - South Loop Market is expanding and taking over the additional space next door. It should be complete in early August.

Anonymous said...

Sarpino's has a temporary sign up, but by the looks of it, they still have a ways to go. It doesn't look like they've done any work to the space yet.

Anonymous said...

I received a notice about a store with a liquor license and dry goods At 828 s wabash. Not sure what's on the way...

anon-trok said...

828 S. Wabash is going to be an art supply store, they have a sign in the window as of last night.

Solo said...

Chef Luciano's is under re-modeling until the first week of August. New signs, new interior are coming!

Donna said...

1200 S. State, the place opening next Donna's Cafe will be a physical therapy facility.