Thursday, July 22, 2010

BYOB Makes the Difference at Triad Sushi Lounge

We posted about Triad Sushi lounge (1933 S. Indiana) a couple of months ago and our maiden voyage was unfortunately average. We blame ourselves primarily due to some unwise menu decisions and not knowing their liquor policy. We vowed to try it again and we recently did.

The second go around was much better! First we stuck to the sushi menu for our entrees. Although we still prefer South Coast's sushi, Triad Sushi lounge was still very good. However, the thing that made this trip even better was the BYOB policy. We had a great bottle from WineStyles at 1240 S. Michigan and the best thing about the whole experience is that Triad doesn't even charge a corkage fee.

Since we had a white wine, they also brought us an ice bucket for next to our table. Good touch Triad...good touch!


Anonymous said...

Some of the rolls at South Coast are better, but you are typically going to spend quite a bit more at South Coast than Triad. It's great to byo and then get some saki from the restaurant.

BRENDAN said...

Triad's service and selection are why they are one of the few resturants in the South Loop that have actually stayed around. The staff goes above and beyond.

Allen said...

Triad has a Groupon available..I have been there in awhile, so not sure if they are still BYOB...however..