Sunday, July 4, 2010

Free CTA Rides at Polk Red Line Station?

An interesting post from the CTA Tattler blog:
This note comes from Robert about what he saw at the unmanned Polk Street Red Line entrance. And don't get any ideas about trying this on your own.

"I noticed three early [thin] twenty-something yuppie females slipping through the space between the east wall and the vertical turnstile/gate. So that's 3 non-paying passengers within seconds using the CTA for free. There are no customer assistants there, and I didn't see any closed-circuit cameras there (although knowing Daley there very well could've been one or two there). I would like to see how many 'freebies' have made it thru that side of the station. I'm sure word has gotten around to people who work/go to school in that South Loop neighborhood. I sent an email to CTA about this oversight, they emailed me back that my message had been forwarded to the Red Line management team. We'll see what develops."

Get on it, CTA!

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