Monday, December 21, 2009

Meeting Tonight to Discuss Possible Local School Changes

Just wanted to quickly pass along an important email we received today from the GSLA (Greater South Loop Association) in regard to a meeting for potential changes to the local schools:

Monday, December 21, 2009
A Local School Council Meeting for the South Loop School
Location: South Loop School, Little Theater at 1212 S. Plymouth Court
Time: 6pm
Agenda & Discussion: Review the recommendation to the board that was approved on 12/14/09 which reads:
Relocate 6-8th grade students to NTA, in conjunction with the creation of a 9th grade class as a foundation for a K-12 support school which would have both a neighborhood and selective component. 8th grade graduating students from South Loop School would have first choice on 9th grade slots. The move of the students to NTA must be accompanied by funding and resource allocations which would provide the following to our middle school students, staff, and families:
  • Implementation and funding of necessary components to ensure student/staff health and safety, including but not limited to: Student ID system, dedicated security guard, dedicated/separate entrances, dismissal/entry security assistance, dedicated parking, a hot breakfast/lunch program.
  • Staggered start times
  • Busing from/to South Loop School main building to NTA site
  • Administrative Staff to support a third site, to include but not be limited to: Vice-Principal, Clerical, Janitorial, Security, Lunchroom etc.
  • Commitment of a top-notch Principal with high school experience to provide the experience necessary to establish a K-12 school.
  • Commitment on the part of CPS to add a grade year-after year to this school to achieve the goal of making it a K-12 school.
  • Availability of AP classes/ability to obtain high school credit
  • An expanded foreign language program with funding for a Spanish Teacher
  • A Full Time Band instructor with a middle/high school band program.
  • An expanded Athletics program with funding for team sport programs and development of a ball field
  • A Technology Support resource
  • An Art Education resource
  • An additional counseling position to support students (particularly in support of LRE)
  • Funding for extracurricular programming commensurate with high school programs.
The establishment of the above would include involvement by a Parent leadership group to help identify needs, define the programs, set schedules, access safety concerns, etc.
Revisit other options including the "kick the can" option of closing entry to new gifted classes and the 5 year plan proposed by Lynne Pieper
Discuss the recommendations given by Ms. Shelton:
  • Move only the 7th-8th graders to NTA for school year 2010-2011 with recommendations from the above plan
  • Expand to the 9th grade in year 2011-2012 adding a grade each year resulting in a high school from 9th-12th grade
  • Reopen 4 pre-k classrooms in the ECC
Establish an ad hoc leadership committee to reach out to the 6-7th grade teachers and students to get their input on this idea and what they would like included, etc. Also the counselor and other teachers who would like to participate by giving suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Acronyms are so annoying... what are the following acronyms:


So they are proposing creating a high school by moving the 6-8th graders?

JP said...

Not sure about LRE or ECC, but I think NTA is the National Teacher's Academy out on or just beyond the southern end of the near south side.

Anonymous said...

LRE - Least Restrictive Environment
ECC - Early Childhood Center (?)