Monday, December 7, 2009

Job Opportunities at New Roosevelt Collection Movie Theater

We had our first snow fall last night, so it definitely feels like December.  To some this might mean the holidays are right around the corner, but to us it means the new Kerasotes Movie Theater at Roosevelt Collection is set to open soon (last we heard the date is supposed to be Friday, December 18th).  Another good sign that the movie theater is progressing came from a newsletter we received from Ald. Fioretti's office and numerous readers:   

A new Kerasotes Theaters is coming soon to Roosevelt and Clark and Al's Italian Beef is opening a new location on Adams and Jefferson.  Both businesses have pledged to hire from local communities and will be accepting applications out of my Committeeman office next week. 

Wednesday, December 9th from 2 to 5 p.m. representatives from both businesses will be present at my office, located at 721 S. Western Ave, to accept applications and discuss job opportunities. Come over and fill one out; don't forget to bring your resumes!

We know there have been some comments about the people who the movie theater will attract, but to us the theater is nothing but a good thing for the Sloop.  We were recently visiting a friend in Streeterville who lives down the street from the AMC movie theaters on Illinois and the street was buzzing.  It was truly a diverse crowd, beaming with life and activity.

Our friend said the movie theater was a great addition to the neighborhood, eventhough he doesn't go very often.  It gives people a reason to come down to the neighborhood, which in turn stimulates the area with money (which will be spent within Roosevelt Collection retail as well as other places around the Sloop).

We welcome this addition to the neighborhood! 

(Hat Tip:  JC, ND, and NN!)


FGFM said...

You can also apply online to Kerasotes if you can't make it over to see Smilin' Bob.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that Alderman Fioretti is trying to help create jobs for sloopers; but, in light of the patronage and hiring scandals, it seems like a bad idea for his office to be involved in anything that could be seen as job allocation. (obvs. this is different from gov. hiring -- but still strikes me as potentially inappropriate)

Diversity Man said...

I can not wait till this opens. It should be the best movie house around... It should bring black people, skate punks, gang banger look-a-likes, poor, rich, gays, bi's, foreigners, and all! It’ll be great to see different people roaming around the area.

Heather and Pumpkin said...

I emailed Kerasotes to see if the new theater will be part of their "Five Buck Club" discount program and got this info:

Thank you for coming to Kerasotes ShowPlace Theatres and for your interest in the Kerasotes ShowPlace ICON in Chicago. This location will open on December 18, 2009. This location will be a premium location with a restaurant and bar as well as reserved seating in all auditoriums. We will be offering a specialized member’s club, the EXTRAS Club, for the ICON locations which will enable the card holder to attend special events and premieres. At this point, we do not anticipate the ICON locations will be part of the Five Buck Club.

To become a member of the EXTRAS Club, please visit our website. The exact link is:

Anonymous said...

I've been to one other ShowPlace ICON theater in MN. If I remember right, it had a "18+ y.o. only" policy at all films after 7pm. Not sure if the Chicago one will be set-up the same way but the VIP areas will surely be 21+ due to alcohol being served there.

nrn312 said...

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