Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blackhawk Convention Tickets On-sale Today

Since most of our mainstream Chicago sports teams are not looking very good these days (did you see that the Bulls lost to the New Jersey Nets...the same nets that lost 18 straight games to start the season!), we wanted to recommend that you jump on the Chicago Blackhawks bandwagon.  The Hawks are off to a great start and currently are in first place in their division.

Also, if you really want to take your love of the hawks to the next level, you might want to buy tickets to the annual Blackhawks Convention which went on sale today.  This fun event is located in the Sloop at the Hilton on Michigan Avenue:
Weekend passes for the third Blackhawks Convention go on sale at 10 a.m. Wednesday. The event will take place July 31-Aug. 1 at the Hilton Chicago. The passes can be purchased at the United Center, the Blackhawks Store on Michigan Avenue and Ticketmaster locations.
Finally, if you need to be sold on the Blackhawks, enjoy their catchy retro song (which in my opinion is better then "Bear Down" or "Go Cubs Go"):


Anonymous said...

Love this post...the Hawks are great this year (and last). Attending the games in person is an awesome time, make sure you get there for the national anthem.

Anyone know how/why Chicago is so interested in Notre Dame? I see more coverage of ND than the Hawks, it's unreal. South Bend, IN is NOT Chicago.

Anonymous said...

ANYTHING is better than "Go Cubs Go." Please remember, this IS the SOUTH Loop - not Iowa.

Plus, all Cubs fans "root, root root" for the Red Wings when it comes to hockey.

Anonymous said...

no surprises here, someone chimes in with a baseball comment in December. Not a chance that all Cubs fans root for the Red Wings, pure non-sense.

Please no responses of "South Siiiide, South Siiiide". It's not what the south loop is all about.