Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Not to Say When You Want Help From Obama

According to the Chicago Defender, a couple local groups are trying to get President-Elect Barack Obama to help in their attempts to move the site of the proposed Olympic Village. Here is a word of advice to them, don't say things like this:
“It’s bad enough all these white folks have moved here and pushed ‘our’ people out and into the suburbs. Now the city wants to force the few remaining Blacks living in Bronzeville out by displacing them with the Olympics,” said Nathan Kunjufuwon, executive director of Black Pride. “Obama is a brother and lives five minutes from Bronzeville, so he knows what this community means to Blacks, and if he is true to his word, he will step up to help us save ‘our’ community.”

Yea, I'm sure Obama is going to step in and help you...Just like he helped Rev. Wright when he was making racist comments.

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