Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A True Local Market

Yes, there are a lot of good, large grocery stores in the South Loop (Jewel, Dominicks, Whole Foods), but one thing they lack are character. If you like friendly people, quality products and all things Italian, then Panozzo's Italian Market is right down your ally.

Although it tends to carry higher end, pricey products it's usually worth it. They have a variety of pastas, sauces, drinks and various other things. Probably the best thing about the place is the deli, which has freshly cooked dishes, various meats and cheeses and as I mentioned before, friendly service.

My personal favorite at Panozzo's are their sandwiches, which are fresh and large. Although some of the chain's claim to have great deals, I still believe that Panozzo's has the best deal in regards to what you get for the price. Sandwiches range from $6-$8, but they're large and have much superior ingredients then any of the changes.

Lastly, the people are super nice. Every time I go in they're warm, respectful and seem to genuinely appreciate my business. The same can't be said at Jewel...

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