Friday, December 19, 2008

What is the Vietnam Veterans Art Museum?

Well it's located in our fine neighborhood (1801 S. Michigan Ave.), but I've never really understood it's purpose. With that said, I've embarked on a quest to figure it out. According to their website:
The National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum inspires greater understanding of the real impact of war with a focus on Vietnam. The museum collects, preserves and exhibits art inspired by combat and created by veterans.
Pretty specific focus and pretty interesting concept, but I doubt I'm going to go...sorry just not my thing. If you're not a member of the museum then it costs $10 to go for adults and $7 for students. Enjoy, but go soon because the Chicago Journal just reported that the museum is eventually going to move since it can't afford the space. The city is going to take over the land and convert it into a field house to serve the prairie district and the greater South Loop neighborhood.

What does this mean? Well it's not completely decided yet, but the neighborhood was surveyed and said it would like arts and educational activities, sports and exercising space and potentially even a rock climbing wall...yes a ROCK CLIMBING WALL! Just what the neighborhood needs.

So in all seriousness, if you're intrigued by the Vietnam Veterans Art Museum I would suggest you go sooner than later. Or you will have to go check it out at it's new location...which hasn't been decided on.

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Anonymous said...

YOU know you want to climb that wall. lol
I've been browsing your blog. Last time I was in Chicago it was a year ago. I've never heard of the south loop or that chicago is being considered for the olympics. As for the museum they built a wwII museum here some time ago. I haven't been there yet. I have been to alomost all of the other museums here though. I think artsy districts are great. I think something extreme like a huge indoor activity center downtown instead of a rock climbing wall would be good for the youth. i know you aren't knocking the ideas in that sense. We do also need better housing and affordable housing. We need more businesses.

by the way i found your blog b/c i have blogger play